Patricia Monteiro is a talented photographer who captures gender-related issues in Latin America. Being currently based in São Paulo, Brazil, she explores a range of social problems by taking photos of women with different cultural and social backgrounds. In addition, she captures stunning pictures of Brazilian brides, highlighting their exquisite beauty and telling engaging stories about their experiences.

Who is this Brazilian wedding photographer?

Documentary photography is one of the main areas of interest of Patricia Monteiro, a photographer who takes photos of women during various events. She mostly focuses on social issues in Latin America.

These days, many women leave the country to marry men from abroad. Patricia documents various weddings trying to show what inspires countless women to leave Brazil to change their lives for the better. Besides, she often takes photos of those who decide to stay in the country.

Patricia Monteiro’s works were published by Time, Bloomberg, Buzzfeed, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Al Jazeera, and other media all across the world. This Brazilian wedding photographer takes beautiful photos in a retro style, trying to capture moments of true happiness.

The photographer captures all the events from the perspective of a woman. She is a member of Women Photograph and Girl Gaze, which allows her to be a part of a large community of professional photographers. Read on to learn why the phenomenon of mail order brides intrigues experienced photographers.

Brazilian brides: what makes them different?

Women from Brazil are beautiful, outgoing, and optimistic. They love kids and value close relationships with their relatives. Since they are very family-oriented, many men dream of finding a Brazilian wife hoping to build a happy family. These ladies stand out among the rest since they are:

  1. Extremely attractive;
  2. Caring;
  3. Loving;
  4. Good at cooking;
  5. Friendly.

The only disadvantage of Brazilian women is that they are quite jealous. However, this becomes an issue only when they feel that they can’t fully trust their partner. If you don’t start withholding important information from your wife and show her that she can rely on you, she will love you with all her heart.

Where to meet Brazilian women for marriage

These days, any man from abroad can meet a Brazilian lady online. To do it, you just need to register on popular dating websites and start chatting with ladies to find the one who will become your wife. When it comes to online dating, it’s crucial to choose a reliable service and pay attention to red flags to avoid scams. It will help you find attractive mail order brides from Brazil who share your interests and values.

Besides, you can visit Brazil and try to meet local girls in nightclubs. However, it might be difficult to find a woman who is interested in a long-term relationship there. To save time and money, many men start by registering on a dating website and then visit the woman they like in Brazil. If you have never been to this country before, you can invite your bride to explore Rio de Janeiro with you or take part in the Brazilian Carnival. Besides, you can visit a variety of places to learn more about the local culture.

Why mail order brides from Brazil need a good photographer

If you are interested in marrying a Brazilian woman, keep in mind that you might need to spend $6,000-12,000 on the services provided by dating websites, gifts, accommodation, and travel tickets. Besides, this price doesn’t include the expenses on the wedding itself.

The good thing is that Brazilian brides rarely want to organize an expensive wedding. They will invite their family members, but they won’t expect you to shell out your money on unnecessary things.

When looking for Brazilian women for marriage, make sure to ask the woman you like whether she wants a huge wedding or not. Most women will be happy if you decide to hire a professional wedding photographer. While the services provided by these shooters are pretty expensive, they are well worth the price.

Patricia Monteiro takes photos with a well-balanced composition and perfectly adjusted colors to capture the most important moments of a wedding. She knows what things she needs to focus on to take images that document events as they are.

The photographer doesn’t use staged poses and strives to make her photos as natural as possible. Since Patricia also specializes in portrait photography, she enjoys capturing genuine emotions showing a strong bond between newlyweds.

Summing up

For Brazilian brides, it’s crucial to capture their love story as it is. While for many women, online dating remains uncharted territory, gradually, they come to see its benefits. Many women find their husbands using the tools provided by dating platforms. Patricia Monteiro helps them to tell their story by taking honest and beautiful photos that capture their true feelings.